Preventative Dentistry

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Whether you are looking to improve your smile or are in need of routine dental care, we can address all of your dental needs. Using the latest advances in dentistry Dr. Recuber can correct a wide variety of dental concerns. Chipped or cracked teeth can sometimes be fixed in one visit. Missing teeth can now be addressed in a variety of ways, not only providing a better appearance, but also better function. Implant dentistry allows teeth to be replaced without having to work on the teeth next to the space. This allows healthy teeth to be left alone while at the same time filling the empty space. This is not the case with most traditional bridgework. Thus making implants the best option to replace missing teeth. Advances in dental materials allow old “metal” fillings to be replaced with more conservative “tooth colored” fillings. Our office also believes in preventing problems from occuring. This is achieved first by providing a detailed comprehensive examination with digital x rays and the use of a intra oral camera. Both of which are state of the art ways to diagnose dental disease. Prevention of dental disease is achieved through the use of fluoride treatments (to build stronger teeth), sealants (to prevent decay), routine cleanings and oral hygiene instruction. Dr. Recuber and his staff are committed to providing optimal oral care which in turn promotes overall better health.

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